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NaPoWriMo #6: A Double Feature - Rare Beauty & A Siren's Duet

*Note: Today, I'll present to you two poems. A Double Feature. One poem that I've completely written myself and another that was a spontaneous effort on Twitter that I wrote with Mr. Lewis(a.k.a. @Mr_Perphekt). I liked the way it turned out so I wanted to share it with you in its full-length version. I've included his information so be sure to look Mr. Lewis up. Perhaps, you'd like to follow him where he can be found online. His written lines will be in quotes & my written lines are regular form. I hope that will help you to see who wrote what. Neither poem is related one to another. They are both ultimately random happenings. Thanks so much for reading today.

Rare Beauty

From within the room,
I stared as a gem of rare beauty walked in.
Often I wondered about him and
What his feelings truly were for me.

I knew how much I cared for him.
I deeply wanted him to know.
It was plutonic yet I longed to be close.

As I searched his eyes, I wanted to see into his soul.
I knew we could be friends if only
He knew I understood his pain, his love
And if this friendship would be
allowed without restraint from others’ feelings.

Somehow, I knew him already from afar.

Suddenly, as if no one else was in the room
I felt him near me – standing there.
He kissed the top of my head.
Had I imagined it?
No, I felt the warm sensation, I was sure.
He softly turned and left my side gently –
without words.

I ran after him to say something, anything -
but there were no words big enough
for this gesture that had changed me.
I gave him a hug and we said our goodbye’s –
until we meet again.

Now in my dreams I still wonder about him
And what he might be doing
And if we can be friends
But this time I feel
I know
Like a gem of rare beauty
He cares for me too.


Poetic duet w/ Mr. Lewis (@Mr_Perphekt)[4/5/11] http://twitter.com/#!/Mr_Perphekt

A Siren's Duet

The brilliance of stars ~ shooting across the skies ~ also ~ cannot be hidden

Brilliance~in your eyes I try to hide~From emotions~Cast into the darkness~Sunk like in the ocean

In this ocean~one can feel the vast depth~endless torment or glory~never to tell~all its secrets

All consuming~Glory~Personified by mermaid song~Dark rhythms~control the tides even flow

In stillness~first notes of a mermaid's song~beautified movement of tide~seemingly waving thru shadows~of each wave

Crest rise~Shielding mermaids prying~eyes~Addicted song~Like sirens~Fight against the rocks n waves

As if floating~away from haunted song~fear drives to souls~weeping~wishing~for mermaids not to go~with the sea~come back to me

Haunted songs~Linger in minds~Driving souls crazy from human confines~Ship sails aimlessly~Across the cryptic~Sea

Travel rough&worrisome~unknown destination~songs enter voices~among human confines~to sing~for long freedom~across a lonely sea

Long forgotten~Voices search the barren~sea~Chasing memories and ghost~Long forgotten humanity

powerful voices rise~echoing among forgotten ocean~yielding ghosts that torment~forgiving ones who seek~searching in hope

Tortured souls~Forever hating those~That dare intrude their misery~Hopeless n lostVoices echo pointlesslyAcross the jagged rocks

If only~a purpose could be known~daring not in vain~against redemption~swept up in agony~an eternal trip~must in desolation end

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