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What do I WANT NOW? This Wednesday...(3)

Yes, I realize I'm one day late with this post but I'll let you know what I wanted yesterday (Weds.) anyway. Keep in mind, I'm just dreaming about books...as usual.

Why This World: A Biography of Clarice Lispector
by Benjamin Moser

I haven't read anything by Clarice Lispector but I think I would like to now. I hadn't even heard of her until I saw this book which intrigues me. It's about 500 pages and I read non-fiction in bits and pieces usually so that's why I find it helpful if I could own this. That's why I chose it for "I want it now.." Clarice seems like a women who has lived quite an amazing life, overcome numerous challenges and is known as Brazil's greatest female author. I think this would be a fascinating read. I'm so curious simply by the synopsis of it which you can read here at Amazon. I think this one line from the review is telling of what seems like the makings of a great non-fiction read:

That rare person who looked like Marlene Dietrich and wrote like Virginia Woolf, Clarice Lispector is one of the most popular but least understood of Latin American writers.
From that, I think her life sounds incredible!

Teaser Tuesdays (6)

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*Anyone can play ~ Find your current read, share a quote from a random page plus do tell what you're reading. For more details be sure to look up how on the links above.

My teaser on Tuesday:

"Mrs. Moore, your delightful doctor has decided on a picnic, instead of a party in his house; we are to meet him out there-you, myself, Mr. Fielding, Professor Godbole-exactly the same party."
"Out where?" asked Ronny.
"The Marabar Caves."
"Well, I'm blessed," he murmured after a pause. "Did he descend to any details?"
~pg. 81, A Passage to India by E.M. Forster

*My note:
I feel that E.M Forster's writing is very thought-provoking. I have to re-read passages at times and think of the details carefully. They are deep-rooted in meaning. Plus, I'm enjoying the culture that he's portraying here. So interesting.

What do I WANT NOW? This Wednesday... (2)

I've neglected to do this for the last two Wednesday's so I think I need to catch up. I do love books and there is always one that I would like to have so I should just tell you, right? So, here is three of the books I've been craving for the last three Weds. including today:

  1. Weds. 09/02/09 ~ During this week, I had been wondering about Pulitzer Prize winning books so I've been looking at different titles and authors. It's been interesting to discover this interest where it was peaked as little known tidbits by Mr. Hamlicar Barca were being left in comments at 5-squared, a book review blog I'm a part of. I happened upon a Pulitzer Prize winning book for this year, a book called Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout, at Border's bookstore. That's what I wanted on this Weds.
  2. Weds. 09/09/09 ~ Once again, I found myself perusing the books at the bookstore and this time I was browsing the craft books section when I came upon a book that made my creative heart soar called The Rubber Stamper's Bible by Francoise Read. It was filled to the brim with color, ink, rubber stamping techniques I knew and new ones I haven't tried yet so it was fun to be mesmerized by it for a little while. That's what I wanted on this Weds.
  3. Weds. 09/16/09 ~ Ever since a few weeks ago when I was able to see "Julie and Julia" at the movies, I can't help it, I've been thinking about France and French food ever since so I think it's a tie this time in the books I want based on either I actually want to try some of the recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Volume One by Julia Child or just to read about her life and get to know more about her in My Life in France by Julia Child and Alex Prud'Homme. So, I think that's what I'd like to dream about wanting this Weds.
It was enlightening for me to think about books for awhile and what I may wish to have without actually buying. Thanks, as always, for letting me indulge. Now, you can think about what is it that you'd like this Weds.?

Blog Award #2

Wow! I just received my second blog award from Bookworm Barista! Thank you, Thanks so much! I really like how Margo describes it on her blog:

It says that you put melting ice cream out of it's misery by eating it's ice cream goodness. Just Kidding.
For me, I'm thrilled that I love ice cream and it's very exciting! Plus, this has such a nice pretense for receiving it because it's called the HUMANE AWARD. It's a lovely combination of black and green too. So, this fair award is given out to the people that always leave nice comments. Well, I know I really appreciate that too from all of you! I love my commenter's! Your gentle and kind words mean a lot to me! Really, really!

I don't wish to be redundant in nominating again some of you like Amanda, Margo, Kim, a few of my commenter's, who have already recently received this wonderful award. But I must tell them that: I congratulate you and that you are so very deserving of it. Thanks for being so kind and I truly appreciate your valued examples!

Others I'd like to nominate for this award:

Now, I'd like to note that I realize that my blog is fairly slow and I understand that but I do appreciate all who ever comment here. What I've noticed about the people above is that I frequently see them saying very nice comments to others all around the blog world as well as here sometimes. Plus, I think you'd like to check out their links as they have super great blogs!

Thanks again everyone for all your comments and thanks for nominating me, Margo!

Teaser Tuesdays (5)

Introduced to me by: Bookworm Barista
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*Anyone can play based on your current read, share plus do tell what you're reading. For more details be sure to look up how on the links above.

My teaser this Tuesday:

I watched her while she swept up the glass; today would be a glittering day, full of tiny sparkling things. There was no point in hurrying with my breakfast, because today I could not go out until we had neatened the house, so I lingered, drinking milk slowly and watching Jonas.
~pg. 89, We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

*My note:
I'm excited to read this book! Family, an estate, poison, danger - Who could ask for more? It sounds terrific and seems like it will be a fast read. I think it is just what I need to help me get out of my fog that I've been in where it has been hard for me to concentrate on pretty much anything including reading. I'm still working through some books that I should be done with but I've had so much of life events get in the way that my brain has been foggy. I'm sure I'll get through it and be able to read better and faster again. Please hurry and calm down, I think, because I can't wait! After all, The N.Y. Times Book Review states about this book: A marvelous elucidation of life...a story full of craft and full of mystery!

Ink Notes # 5

In Her Dreams of Rain and Flowers

In her dreams

the grand field was white with lovely lilies

Now, she could see them everywhere

as she existed in her awakening

In her soul

it made her feel dishonest

to know exactly

where the beautiful flowers turned crimson

and longed to touch the sky

but in vain lonliness

In her blackest of pain

where they dried up severely with lack of water

and light simply the tiny flowers must be renewed

and find a way to come alive again

In her mind and yet in time

they would revive newly grown

as the rain fell again

for it would simply take time

with much more patience

and understanding

for the peaceful rain to come

In her heart she knew when it did

it would change her forever

because the rain would help her see herself

first calmly

as it clung to window pane

for a split second

and then raced down

swiftly -

In her moment of renewal

the rain spread out to give water to the crimson flowers

that reached far

outside her horizon

into her field of dreams

In her sight

where instead of only white lilies

or crimson flowers

there were more flowers

deeply blue

burnt orange

soft pink

hues of purple

which now they existed together

to help her see

a bountiful gift

of a lovely variety

of brilliantly colorful

and softly beautiful

flowers everywhere

As she had now awoken

into a fresh

existential perspective

of perfectly mutual kindness

with the very breath she took

that she had missed so long

of that elusive

unconditional spirit

of compassionate love

and bright hope

that her gift would come back to her

instead of what she had worried lived only

in her dreams of rain and flowers

Teaser Tuesdays (4 for me)

Introduced to me by Bookworm Barista
Hosted by Should be reading

Here's the teaser:

An hour later, their hunger sated by cheese and oatmeal cakes, the remaining cranberry tarts and some good Guosim cider, everybeast adjourned to the ford bank. Kubba pointed out the hornbeam tree, around the leeside of which hung a red tassled rope, its length going off, up amid the foliage.
~ Lord Brocktree by Brian Jacques, pg. 151

*My note:

I'm currently enjoying reading this book to my children at bedtime. It may take us a while to get through it but it seems fun so far and the animals make it seem interesting because their voices are enjoyable! Another plus is the tiny illustrations at the top of the chapter headings. So far, a likable read.
Be sure to look at the links above for instructions on how you can join in on the fun if you want.

Teaser Tuesdays (3)

Introduced to me by Bookworm Barista
Hosted by Should be reading

Here's today's teaser:

The Old Man's fishing equipment was hanging on the far wall. Did I really want to go out into that icy world?
~Pictures of Hollis Woods by Patricia Reilly Giff, pg. 107

*My note:

I love quotes! I like to read and collect them. I enjoy seeing what others are reading and I like to think about what each quote might mean. Plus, I always enjoy adding to my TBR pile. Be sure to look at the links above for instructions on how you can join in on the fun if you want. Looking forward to reading your teaser. Thanks for reading mine!

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