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Inspired by the grace and beauty of the flamingo, my life reflected by my love of reading, writing and creating.


To introduce this page I love this quote from Dark Muse @yru1:

"If poetry doesn't hurt when it comes out, it's not coming from your heart."
And one from me:

"Honestly, It's so inspiring to feel whispering words coming to life through this passionate heart making it fit into art."

Now, here's a few of my micropoetry tweets from Twitter @jflamingo2 ~

Come above/ risen glory/ underestimated silence/ shadowing depth/ come to sensical paths/ find a way

Don't hide your quiet eyes/let me look/finding a vast source/not being hollow/tiny dots inside/peering silent/a remedy/filling up my soul<3

Missing out~missing you~missing me~a tender force beckons me~as I long to explain~why I wish~you were not~missing out~on me
In the depth of your path~I barely wait to reach you~I honestly give what only I bring~do you see me~feel me~now breathe~in patience
Transcending away~fleeting to space~flying higher than all the rest~swerving~diving~reaching more~daring little bird~with only one leg
Overzealous imagined porcupines danced~at the edge of a stream~annoying the beavers~too busy to dream~building fences~colliding lives (silly)
Feeling frantic~overwhelmed~finding time takes time~enough to feel the empty spaces~of the occasions~found wherein~there is nothing to do :D

As I watched the sun come up~my soul stood still~aching for a breathe to take~free from sorrow~because love found a way~to be stronger

Anticipation crowded the atmosphere/happiness came up with the sun/feeling good 1 mi. in/c'mon I can do mi. 2/Way to go mi. 3/end w/ a run!

Melting butter in microwave-started on fire-so glad I was home-got it outside with hot pads-drenched it-put it out-thankfully,I'm not hurt.

A fire comes/quickly/playing with darkness/slipping away/flash of betrayal/still burns/almost as quick/when it started/put in your hand now

Cut from inside/pain cannot set you free/moving on/will not allow/all from going/it is clear/some feelings stay within/everlasting/I am here

~Blindfolded/reaching for the star/shining like you/brightness is grey/since only a glimmer/of you/the brightest star/what could be/together

Sit & I wonder/what if I had told you/my feelings true/I know/deeply now/for the scar will not heal/you never loved/you never even liked/me

Dream into the morning/provide a fulfillment/let your idea shine/find a way/become the dream/let reality seep in/be real/don't wake up

Between two iron bars/intricate threads/woven carefully/fixed into an immediate pattern/triangular/only one thing missing/Mr. Spider

Standing at the edge/of an ocean/desire sweetly/to dive in/steadied by uncertainty/a dive I must take/to fulfill a reality/into destiny

Midnight comes upon the clock/face to see the rising stars/again to feel the twinkling light/leading me to rest/upon the gentle slope/home:)

Standing in the shadow - dancing feathery light - making up pictures - black & white-light & dark - has me know - nothing's wrong - us

Weep in solitude/rest your eyes/of blue/daring to leave/far behind/I hear/soft tread/where your feet have touched/your shadow remains

Wanting to/escape the world/I know best/longing for adventure/anything to ease my mind/away from missing/moonlit nights/peace before/u came

Your music pierces/through my ears/my world stops/to listen/with all my heart/feeling/soaring/taking in/remembering/dreaming not to forget

Embrace a soul/love its worth/even if you see it/in an ugly form/you can still sense worthiness/souls are beautiful/rising/filling up/always

Reminisce your memories/dream into the future/live now/regard yourself/consider/entreat/let the clock tick/feeling everything/closely

For you/I wish/a hope so deep/if you could/endlessly see your potential/enough/to rise above/find again/guiding you away/without weight

Sing to heal/let your heartache/painfully dwell within/focus/find strength/fight your instinct/turn your heart inside out/once upon a melody

A ghost/in the mirror/changes my reflection/almost hidden/underneath myself/I see honest beauty

Salute to you/into the night/quietly/progress reforms/I see you/again I salute/for now/I am reborn

In the distance/of time/my soul removes/from the hollow place/my enemy

In the darkest night/you can find me/against the pressure/in your mind/knowing you/from afar/seeing simply real/beautiful light

To drive out the superfluous feeling/to feel like putty in hands/yearning/I will become/as I can/part of your life/with love

Confusion sets in~disabling me~I freeze~panicked & torn~it seems like you are babbling~all I hear is noise~the clock strikes~pierces my soul

Right here ~ right now ~ with you ~ listening ~ deciphering ~ to hear ~ tiny messages ~ intriguing me ~ captivating my heart
I feel a connection/sparked by a glance/your eyes/I want to talk to you/know you/but we are strangers/i look different/same within we remain

Many times it scares me/what my eyes honestly say/for I miss you/tragically/simply/life moves on/I see who you really are/today

I live quiet / vividly / through tired eyes / telling honestly through them / if you care to look deeply / you'll see my truth

Time cannot erase/mysteries of the pain caused/always/it will be hard/remembering/what could have been

O love please don't leave/renew your faith/awaken deep/gather out of stillness/find room in your heart again/for me

Red, green, white/color moves a feeling inside/as you look/you see/exactly what they are/a brilliance toward memories for the holidays

Now telling/story of a chameleon/i become/as I seep/creeping into your thoughts/as you know yourself/you know me/stay around

I want to see into your heart/feel a portion of who you must be/seize a bond that creates a relationship/to hope becomes friendship/

Remember the first time/rejection happened/your soul tore/you still felt only love/after all you tried to heal/it never did/heart open still

Haunting discovery in the wake of a forgetful twist which interrupts the morning sending me back to laughter
Pain heals/time diminishes/a factor of hurt/pushing me away/from being around you/what I dismiss to let u choose/I won't forget

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Welcome Readers~to my blog! A tiny extension of myself and my life. Here, I'll share this journey through my top passions in my life - reading, writing, and creating. You can expect to read poetry, view my papercrafts and read design related posts. Every once in a while, I hope you'll grasp an honest feel of my heart. If you haven't noticed, I love flamingos! I think they are beautiful birds. *Thanks for your attention.*
She is pure Alice in Wonderland, and her appearance and demeanor are a nicely judged mix of the Red Queen and a flamingo.
~Truman Capote

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