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Currently, I’m a design student at AIU Online.  In 2011, I had a goal to go back to school and receive my Bachelor’s degree.  I did a lot of research and found this program online through searching for seasonal jobs.  The opportunity seemed to be exactly what I had been hoping for and so I decided to apply.  I started attending AIU in October 2011 which is why I ended up not being around here as much.  I am enrolled in the program for the BFA in Visual Communications and Graphic Design.  I had underestimated how much effort and study went into school and I tend to become a bit obsessed when I have my eyes on a solid goal. 

I have been working diligently and I am happy to report that I have made the Dean’s List each time since I started my program.  So, I have been enjoying all that I have been learning about design, art and myself.  I have enjoyed the entire program so far and all of my teacher’s whom have taught me a tremendous amount in each class.  Each class is five weeks and we move quickly.  My graduation date is September 2013 and I will need to work very hard until then.  I have wanted to share what I have been learning and experiencing so I may be posting about this. Eventually, I will need be upgrading and making changes to include in my freelance design business and also a design profile for myself.   I have a lot to do so please be patient with me as I continue my focus and reach my goal. 

I hope to share what has happened in a creative way.  I have notebooks filled with what I’m learning and I have written poems about design.  I have ambitions to publish, illustrate and author children’s, poetry and design books in the future.  Ultimately, this will be the goal I’m striving for. As you already know from my blog, I also love stationary, invitations, cardmaking and papercrafting which will important for me to implement in future projects.  Social media also interests me very much as well.  I feel I will have a lot of choices in my future and I will always have a creative project going as I have been even if I haven’t recorded them here for you.

Now, I will see if I can fill you in on all that has been happening with me and learning in the school of design!

It all begins with…an idea!

Favorite Design Links:

AIU Online: This is where I attend the school. 

AIGA: the professional association for design. After being encouraged by one of Professor’s at AIU, I decided to seek out and join the AIGA and become involved in the chapter in my area.  I’m so happy that I did because I have learned a wealth of information about design that has increased my knowledge of what I’m doing now.  I have had the privilege to meet and learn from others as well as what is offered on the AIGA website.  It’s a great resource and lots of fun! If you are interested in creativity, creative thinking or design of any kind then I highly recommend getting involved in your local chapter and join AIGA today.  Please feel free to connect with me if you are already a member.   

AIGA San Antonio

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