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Let's Talk Tech: Feed 101 (Guest Post)

I feel a connection/sparked by a glance/your eyes/I want to talk to you/know you/but we are strangers/i look different/same within we remain
#micropoetry by me, Julie.

Today, I'm happy to bring you a guest post from my online friend, Rainy. How you can find out more about her is at the bottom of this post. Please take a minute to visit her, say "hi" and thank her for her ideas.
After all, relax, read up and let's talk tech!

Feed 101

Feed is a service which allows a blog author to easily notify about blog updates. It is sometimes collectively called “RSS” or “Atom”, but that is mistaken. Those are actually different types of feed services. Regardless of what type of feed you use, the end result is the same.

People can subscribe to feed in numerous ways. They might use a service like Google Reader, which centralizes all their subscriptions online. Or they might use their smart phone, or even software which supports it, such as some e-mail clients.

Feed is also handy for syndicating. For example, the famous Technorati website utilizes blog feed to keep profiles updated. The popular Blogspot blog roll which shows the latest blog posts of links in its list also relies on feed. In fact, feed is working in the background more often than you might realize.

If you'd like to use feed to keep up on your favorite blogs, first decide what service you would like to use. Google Reader is a great place to start. Next, visit the blogs you wish to follow and look for their “Feed”, “RSS” or “Atom” option. The button usually has a “broadcasting” symbol. Copy that link into your reader and save it. Now you can visit the reader to see all the new blog posts for each blog you added, instead of visiting each website individually or flooding your inbox with newsletters.

If you'd like to add a feed option to your website, don't worry—it's easy! Most blog software has it built in. For example, at the bottom of a Blogspot blog, you will usually see a link that says “Subscribe to posts”. That's the feed. If you use Wordpress, the feed can usually be found by visiting www.yourdomain.com/feed/.

You can also use a free service like Feedburner. Just burn your feed once and follow the directions. You will not need to burn the feed with every update. Only once is necessary.

There is a few disadvantages with using feed. Most feed services do not have a counter of any kind, so there's no way of knowing exactly how many people are subscribed. Feedburner does count, but it's better to consider it to be approximate and not exact.

Also, just because you offer Feedburner doesn't mean everyone is using it. People who know how blog software works may opt to not use Feedburner and instead use the built-in one, which won't register anywhere. So, as with most things, it's probably better to rely on your hits counter than trying to track how many people are subscribed.

That aside, feed is an awesome service which makes life as both a blog author and blog reader much easier.

Do you use feed to follow blogs? What service do you use?

***When Rainy Kaye isn't plotting world domination, she enjoys coaching others about it on her blog http://www.rainyofthedark.com.
She also likes fluffy kittens.

**Credit: Thanks to Find a Kitten for this image.

Poem: Within Pain

Thinking back
when you feel pain
it hurts
highly affected
hard to believe
how it hurts so much
Answers may not be visible
meds may not be correct
turn your world around
keep finding a way past the pain
Don't give up
Look and see
someone is reaching out
to wish you comfort
as you have waited
find a dream
feel solace
know that friends care
find within hearts
that may ease some
Remain hopeful.

D9: #Novelpi ~ The space between thoughts...

I need space to think at times. There are so many things to do or to say so I need to feel like I can. I’m tired yet wide awake. I’m not sure where that fits in this grand scheme of my plans. I feel selfish when I feel like this. I feel frustration and sadness too. It hurts when I am angry and I don’t mean to hurt anyone ever, at all.

I love you but then I’m not sure if I really can enough. I need you yet I want my space. What is this all supposed to mean? This is a process of figuring out that at times you have to do what’s best even if you feel differently. Yet, navigating this can be so hard. I’ll find a way to understand you without judgement and this might help. I’m sorry is the simplest way to say it but it is also really hard. I want to quit at times but that really isn’t an option because it would lead to different problems and a whole set of others too. Instead, I look inward and dare to wish forward. In the end, it all changes and comes to a finish line which is hard to determine.

For #Novelpi, word count: 254 ~ Still writing and still learning!

D8: #Novelpi ~ A Flower

I crept down the moonlit path. I didn't look too far ahead or to the sides. All around the thick air I could feel the immensity in waves of destruction. This feeling I could not shake even if I wasn't sure it was true. I dared not look around. I kept moving.Through all of this effort, a thought raged inside, to keep me focused toward the relief I needed to come. This was most important.

A massive feeling of doom threatened to overtake my heart but I managed to stave this ominous feeling by taking a minute to find a flower. I bent down to look at it closely. It was small, barely visible in the dust. Yet it peeked through the dirt in its purple and white brightness. It brought a smile to my lips as I realized that those colors were my school colors. I reveled in the memories of meeting the creature at this moment. I didn’t know why but it was happening in my memory now and I felt so relieved instead of the anxiety that a moment before had been upon me.

Looking forward enhanced the beauty of the experience and that’s when I had seen the flower. Yet looking back in the windows of memory had helped control my frustration that a critical moment like this with so much destruction had delivered. This had been my whole world but now it was no longer. My memory windows would have to work harder to replace this scene set before me. I closed my eyes for minute to think. I didn’t pick the flower. I left it there and I hope that it will bring hope to the next eyes who might see it. I hope they look and find it visibly there. I felt it would bring them the same hope that it did for me. This image in my mind felt wonderful.

For #Novelpi, word count: 283 ~ I'm still hanging on and processing many thoughts.

D7: #Novelpi ~ Favorite Music: Matchbox20 & Rob Thomas

Anyone else fans of Matchbox20 and/or Rob Thomas?

I am! Here's one of his performances of Cradlesong at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA, on September 30, 2009.

Also, a superb Matchbox20 song. Bright Lights performed LIVE for Hard Rock Orlando.

Since I love an excuse to write, talk, research, listen to or learn about this band, I signed up to write articles for a fan site called Matchbox20Plus. Right now, you can vote for them as "Best Fan Site." I'm enjoying writing for this site! I'll continue to improve and I appreciate their patience with me as I learn the ropes.

For #Novelpi today, I did do better about getting down to the business of writing although my word count of 426 felt low, I'm still meeting my goal. I signed up for a goal of 250 words per day but personally I'm aiming for 500 words per day.

Last but not least, here's my poem about Rob Thomas as a singer:

This is for you, Rob

Wait - be prepared

to stop exactly on the spot

where I am

as the music starts


Rob's strong voice

already listening

I start to feel

elevated ~

Then again as I watch

Rob's performance

I'm reminded from

lines on his face

'bright lights' in his eyes

it's his ever-pounding heart

what's inside his blood

escaping from his soul

as he shares fragments

of himself

proving how much

this element called music

means to him in his life

willingly sharing

this kind fervor

with his fans

allowing them to feel

his elation ~


after all those

long days


it's the fans

giving you


to keep creating

what you love


Thanks for the music

and here's to even more!


D6: #Novelpi ~ Poem: Clarity

Find a way to fight past the confusion
leave behind
old suitcases
battered shoes
from streets of tiny rocks
combining to make a pathway
to finding treasures of the soul
wasting away
words that meet us in the middle of our minds
until a picture is formed from their image
stolen secrets of time
faded deep inside our memories
as a beaten drum
returning a constant beat
glorifying a dedication
to return to who one might long to be
finding time
capturing lines
in flight of fancy
concluding slowly and spreading out
to meet the wind
as the shadows roll in
looking for a way to join
the blue skies
in traveling away from cluttered thoughts
to remain in clarity.

I enjoyed the process in my mind as this poem took shape. I may be biased but I'm happy with the way it turned out.

For #novelpi today, I felt as if I put off my writing time and then barely squeaked out 428 words. I didn't like the way that felt. I had started to feel better about being regular in my writing even if my word count is low I'm happy when I don't procrastinate. I'm looking forward to doing better!

D5: #Novelpi - Poem: Neglectful Me

Days as this

tend to feel


as time is erased

during neglectful moments


with a realization

Is this who I am?




harnessing consequences

of unfortunate situations

piled up

ever widening paths

meant to be straighter

easier to navigate

finding empowerment.

Instead, haunting peace

entrapping negativity

beginning to believe

this is a way days are meant to be


until comprehension

boils inside us

where the very sense

of change

of hope

of love

of fulfillment

might enchantingly exist

finding residence within minds

once neglected.


That's the poem that came out of this unfortunate frustration since I didn't get my writing done as I had wanted. As far as #novelpi goes for today, I neglected to complete my word count task coming in way under 100 words for the day. So, this is strike one & hopefully my last.

If I may, use my freeze ray to stop my disregard and start over tomorrow.

Enjoy a clip from the movie Despicable Me:

Freeze Ray~"I'm havin' a bad, bad day..."

Also, I decided to share this poem for the first time on dverse poets pub ~ Be sure to read all of the talented poets already posting there or feel free to share your own poem if you'd like.

D4: #Novelpi ~ Poem: All I Can Do

It hardly seems fair
that I can't be true to myself.
I don't measure up
to expectations or standards
placed before me.

I would like to be
but it always seems cut short
painfully aware
that I'm not.

All I can do
if I even know what to do
is to believe
is to live
as I know truth.

My perceptions are all quite skewed
I've created this reality
I need to belong to it.

Once again, I realize
it hardly seems fair
confusing even
that I just can't be who
I really might be.


#Novelpi's Word count for today: 704, 6:41 p.m. Central.

I'm still writing away and it has been helping me feel happy to make this time for myself to write and purge the thoughts from my mind. I'm not necessarily structured or focused yet so I'm writing on various topics. Writing has always been cathartic for me and I sense the way it moves me inside. Basically, my thoughts keep swimming and evolving in my mind where I personally enjoy feeling them dwell. Most of all, I need to write and share them with you. Thanks for indulging me!

As I've thought about this writing process today, it reminds me of this video from Rob Thomas, who is my favorite singer & songwriter, where he talks about what songwriting feels like for him. I love what concepts and insight he shares in the video about writing in general and it has stayed within my mind. I even think it has helped me feel motivation to continue writing many times. Maybe you'll gain something from what he is saying also.

D3: #Novelpi ~ Today was a Notebook day!

Day 3 of #Novelpi was a notebook day. I ended up needing to use my trusty pen and paper to come up with some notes and thoughts for a miniature word count of 320. I am glad to be recording and putting my ideas down on paper though!

I've been working on practicing writing some health articles so here are a few thoughts from my notes:

Have uplifting thoughts about my body and realize it as a miracle!

Remember to stay active for inactivity brings weakness.

As I am healthy in my eating habits, my family will benefit from naturally gaining a desire to maintain their health as well.

Many times, we know what we need to do to maintain our health but it is hard to do alone. Often, it really benefits to receive help from others but before they would know to help us we need to simply ask them.

My friend, Delores, told me her daily affirmation and I like it so I'll share it with you:

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What are you going to do with it?

D2: #Novelpi ~ Making Progress

During Day 2 of this challenge with Novel Push Initiative, I felt a complete rush of wanting to write and create. I wish I could have spent a lot more time writing. So my word count today isn't bad at 1041.

Here's a couple of excerpts from my writing today:

First, Colby's story is starting to really take shape:

Red feathers swirled around slightly turning pink and making Colby feel sick to his stomach. Each day wasn’t easy transforming from cardinal to himself again but he understood now without question the importance of doing so. It was vital to be able to communicate with the Cardinals and their world. Colby sensed that it would make a difference, in time. His patience crept along slowly like mud waiting for more water to be able to move along faster.
“In time,” he thought, “our world would be renewed and vivid again as in the tales of old.”
How Colby longed for this change to actually happen even though his faith dwindled that he would live to see this time happen. For now, it was a nice dream.

Second, I recently joined SparkPeople again in an effort to maintain my healthy living. I wrote a blog there about my first bike race if you'd care to read it!

A Comfortable Poem


gathering by the side of a stream

silently sitting there


side by side

As the rush of water

tucks emotions into corners of our minds

hoping to wash away

the bleak

empty restless spaces

our mind forms at times

from the sullen and the free

Will you comprehend me?

Most importantly


we were meant to be


as comfortable as can be.

*written for #Novelpi (Novel Push Initiative) Day 1: 607 word count. Check out 5-rings for more information on NPI. I'm participating in this challenge for the next two months and so I plan to update you on my progress hoping you'll enjoy any of my writing tidbits that will come out of this. Thanks for reading!

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