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Teaser Tuesday: The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle

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My teaser:

"Something rumbled somewhere deep and near. The tower trembled like a ship run aground, and answered with a low, stone wail. The three travelers cried out, scrambling to keep their feet on the shuddering stairs, but their guide pressed on without faltering or speaking."
pg. 154 in The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle

Lessons while making Potato Soup and belated New Year's Resolutions

Today, as I prepared dinner which was one of our family favorites, Potato Cheese Soup, I was thinking about blogging as I often do, believe it or not, so I knew it's about time I broke the ice on this blog and wrote something even anything! As many of you, I have been invaded by the business of living my life. So, anyway, here's a little update about my life currently:
I tend and care for my own children and I'm currently running a small daycare on the side. I have one full time little boy and several part time with Tuesdays and Friday's now being my busiest days. It has been such a learning experience for me in caring for these children but I am actually learning a lot from them!
During the week, it feels like I have twin boys as my son and the one I tend are the same age being only one month apart in their birthdate's. I have discovered a simple fact about children that I now realize can help with the dynamic of my approach to helping them grow up. A lot of times, it is traits that I sometimes find annoying in children that also tend to be wanted traits in people as adults. People who are driven, busy, high powered and make it possible to get things done around them seem to be desirable for being able to succeed. It's all about how I continue their approach to growing, learning and dealing with the problems children need to overcome. How I overcome a challenge is so much of the battle I face in my everyday life. Adjusting is necessary in so many of my situations. Finding the right adjustment to wield the power I have within me is important in helping development in a child. This has helped me and I give my best effort each day in small ways to work with each child I care for. Limits are set, consistent efforts and follow through are helpful, and a schedule. Each day I have a new opportunity to improve which I find, thankfully, I need to do this a lot. Starting a new day can be nice.
Another thing I have been doing this year is making an effort to write down my thoughts each day in a creative way using poetry, prose or through a story. I've found that I thoroughly enjoy writing micropoetry. This is often found on Twitter which means you are sharing poetry in 140 characters or less. I love this exercise which has challenged my brain and I feel it is fun!
Recently, a friend has encouraged me to write a novel in prose so this is a goal I've set for 2011 as well.
Another goal is to find a way for myself to get back to formal education. I'm enjoying looking into the opportunities that can be available to me but it will be a lot of hard work. I finally feel that I am ready for this challenge.
Also, I've been making huge efforts to keep my house tidier this year. I think I do better and life runs a bit smoother when I can feel better in my surroundings.
Last year, I did a lot of things and I'm sure that I acheived a lot but I didn't formally write out my goals out or even set them in a post as I did the previous year on this blog. So, I didn't feel I had anything to gauge my success with so in the end I feel I have missed out on that in 2010. This year, I want to see my progress and how much I grow so that's why I decided that it's better now than not at all to set some New Year Resolutions and I thought of all of this, and so much more, while making potato soup today.

Here's a re-cap of my goals this year:

1. Continue to maintain and improve my efforts in dealing with my children and others on a daily basis. Make efforts to connect with them.

2. Write down my thoughts each day using a creative method. i.e., poetry, haiku, short story, prose, essay, etc...

3. Write a novel in prose.

4. Find a way to continue my formal education.

5. Keep my house tidy. Clean and organize too.

6. Read 25 books and write reviews for each.

7. Learn and improve speaking in another language as I'm a bit familiar with Spanish and German but know neither very well.

8. Continue my blogs. Don't re-invent but continue each one to the best of my ability. Let's face it - I like each one too much to give it up entirely. Goal: 2 blog posts per week.

9. Work on staying in touch better with my brothers, sisters and in-laws. Simple acts of kindness through e-mail, letters, facebook, phone calls and blogs. Work on family history projects and see if they'd like to as well.

10. Continue to develop my artistic abilities in papercrafting, scrapbooking, and rubber stamping.

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