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NaPoWriMo #25: Her Flower Garden

Tiny droplets clung to the window
for a small second
then raced down unevenly
The rain felt comforting
Look at the crimson flowers
in her garden

they would finally be watered
without her assistance
It had been a long series of events
that placed her in her new living arrangements
her miniature flower garden
had been one of those things
to do for her to make her feel like
she had a place here

Filling to the brim with
Lilies -
Among her favorites
were her distinguished
and prized

All these flowers combined
to create a spiritual
of beauty
intensified by each flower
simply magnified
and resilient
although these conditions
seemed harsh and unrealistic
which might make them fragile

Instead they grew
resisting opposing forces
and finding their own magical force
growing through cracks in sidewalks
or up from the rocky soil
and even lining the fencing
white pickets and all
forming a new way
making a mixed-up garden
seem complete
with even the tiniest of flowers
peeking through the edges of
larger flowers

This garden may only last
for a rare season
but for her
with death fast approaching
it was her season
to make them live
so that something would make her feel alive
and find a way to grow
in the toughest of circumstance

If anything else
would be so pleasant
the lingering scent
and floral beauty
would capture her heart
helping her soar to the heavens
where she would no longer want for a garden
as there it would be eternal
always appreciating
how much effort and work it may take now
to make her garden whole
before the sun dried up
each flower
crumpled to a new discovery
a rare complexion
of vintage proportions
found in a new way of looking
at what beauty means through
the form of a withered flower

So many lessons to learn
places to go
but her garden
was her solitude
after a life well-lived
this was her final resting place
or at least she hoped
for one friend
to plant flowers
upon her graven bed
Then even in death
she would smell the lingering scent
all the while
imagining the image
of how the flower looked like
from her perspective

To her, this simple garden
meant eternity...


simyart April 29, 2011 at 6:13 AM  

If you need a gardener permit me maam to plant a orchid. Gardens are like the grow evolve die and are reborn with the seasons our lives. the beauty of a garden is found in your words.

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