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Writing Challenge Results

I feel like I have been working hard at my first challenge with Tristi's Challenges this month. I'm still unsure if I really have all the grit I think it takes to be a writer but I plunged into it and kept at it. Some days were off and others were so full of words, I couldn't believe it! I wrote wildly in spite of how busy April turned out to be with my birthday and anniversary being during that month also. In fact, that may have helped me plan my time a bit better.
My own personal goal, though I didn't mention it but to myself, was to write 8,000 words. I surprised myself by cranking out 9,443 to end my challenge with. I wrote 3 poems and 5 stories. The only thing I didn't get finished is a first draft manuscript but I do have some concrete ideas to work on. I do have parts of stories, scenes, ideas that I hope to turn into manuscripts eventually. I learned a lot about myself in this month in that I think part of my problem is concentrating and finishing just one idea. It's definitely something to work on. I do have an idea that has generated excitement within me and I think I'll take advantage of that and see what I can do with that energy in the coming months. Perhaps, that one idea will help me learn to focus as I mentioned above and to work on that within myself.
I look forward to another challenge, perhaps in July. I'll keep you informed.
Now, I'll probably get going on some of my other hobbies and as always I have a lot of reading to do.

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