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David Cook (Self-Titled) CD Review

Alright, I'll admit I'm a bit of an American Idol TV fan. I've enjoyed watching the seasons of the show and seeing what actually happens to the contestants after winning or losing. So far, two seasons have impressed me the most and that was the first season, because it was new, and this last season 7, because I came to love David Cook!
I'm happy that he won Season 7 and he was so graceful about it too. I've been awaiting his CD debut and it happened in Nov. last year!
I've read reviews and many were not very nice at all about his CD, so I was worried about this. I still purchased his self-titled CD, though. I waited a bit and eventually found one for about $11.00.
During the first couple of times I played it, I wasn't sure how I liked it and a lot of the songs sounded so similar. I was thinking that DC would have all completely different songs as he tried to showcase on A.I. I know he worked very hard and did his very best with what they envisioned for his debut CD and the genre they tried to go for, being rock, I think. Now, I realize the music business must be really HARD! Excruciating and unforgiving, even.
Now, that I've listened to the CD a lot more the songs are magically growing on me! I'm coming to hear what the true D.C. is trying to convey and I'm enjoying rediscovering D.C. all over again. I think he has such potential and I look forward to what he'll be able to achieve. I'm so hopeful for D.C.! I'm still a fan!
So, please listen to his songs more than twice and give him the chance to make another very unique album that I know he is capable of.
My favorite songs on his current CD are: Light On, Life on the Moon (I made a Flair on Facebook in honor of this song), Time of My Life (from A.I., of course) and Come Back to Me!
See what you think, here.


Amanda January 6, 2009 at 4:23 PM  

I really need to get this.

I think many albums start out all sounding the same, because it's all new. I always try to let an album grow on me for a month or so, and if I can't get into it by then, then I abandon it.

I always imagined him making a 90s alternative rock sort of album. I hope they didn't water down his creative process.

Julie January 6, 2009 at 11:28 PM  

You can borrow it anytime and you might want to first. I worry about them "watering down" his whole creative process thing too. I was thinking, hoping maybe, it would be more alternative rock but sounded a bit like Daughtry instead to me. I just know that there is more layers, if you will, to D.C. than his debut shows us.

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