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2008 In Review

In the beginning of 2008, I don't remember a whole lot since I had my baby, Noah, in Oct. '07 and I think I was still recovering with that somewhat into the first part of the year. I know I thought about goals, since I usually do at this time of the year, but I can't find my journal entry or sticky piece of paper or wherever I may have written my '08 goals. So, I'll do my best to see what I can remember. I think my year really started to be a bit better in April of '08 - thanks to a re-evaluation, started to blog and some encouragement from my friends too.

1) I do remember making some sort of weight-loss goal. I'm embarrassed but the truth is I didn't stick with it at all. I tried a little bit on my own and created a SparkPage at SparkPeople.com. I had good intentions but didn't bring them to action so I'll have to re-evaluate for '09.

2) I had a writing goal and I attended a few writing groups as I could throughout the year. Although, I didn't get my novel written or any super great stories, I did manage to write a couple handfuls, or a bit more of poetry. I do like the poems I have written this year.
Also, I participated, in March, as a guest editor to the San Antonio Express News. I read & chose some poems that others had written for print in the paper. I really learned a lot. It was a good experience.

3) I made a goal to read more books. I continued taking part as I could in the Classic Literature Book Group at my local library. My friend, Amanda, is the moderator for the group and she does a great job so I enjoy this book group. I plan to continue next year.
In April, she set up an amazing book review blog called 5-squared and she invited me to participate in reading books and writing the book reviews on the blog. Personally, I was flattered for the invitation and this inspired my reading goal. My goal was 17 books last year and I have 15 posted on there right now. I have one last book review to write for '08 and that will be 16/17 books for me! I'm happy about that! (Jared , I did make your challenge of 8 books!)

4) I can't remember my original art, scrapbook or craft goals but I did end up learning some new skills and doing a few projects. I've enjoyed a bit of rubber stamping, beading, and sewing. I've posted most of that here on this blog.
The highlight of my craft projects this year would have to be the tote bags that my brother-in-law, Nathan taught me how to make. I was amazed at how quite a few things I had learned about sewing in my childhood, from my watching or helping my mother, came right back to me. I completed 5 tote bags, with Nathan's help, and I have 4 others in the works. Perhaps, I'll post a sneak peak later.

5) I've been participating in a Joy School for Gracie this year too. We've had some fun times and it has been so fun! I'll post our Halloween picture and what we made thanks to my sister, Bonnie and her fabulous idea to make the ghosts!

Sure, I have things to improve upon but I did accomplish some things. I'm sure as I keep thinking about '08, I might remember even more. All in all, I did alright! Here's to bigger and better things in '09!


jonesb January 2, 2009 at 8:07 AM  

Your ghosts turned out so cute! It looks like the kids loved it!

Amanda January 2, 2009 at 8:14 AM  

It's really amazing to look back on a year and realize you did much more than you thought you would be able to do, isn't it? When we whittle out all the time when we aren't doing anything, we end up with some interesting stuff left.

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