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Ink Notes # 5

In Her Dreams of Rain and Flowers

In her dreams

the grand field was white with lovely lilies

Now, she could see them everywhere

as she existed in her awakening

In her soul

it made her feel dishonest

to know exactly

where the beautiful flowers turned crimson

and longed to touch the sky

but in vain lonliness

In her blackest of pain

where they dried up severely with lack of water

and light simply the tiny flowers must be renewed

and find a way to come alive again

In her mind and yet in time

they would revive newly grown

as the rain fell again

for it would simply take time

with much more patience

and understanding

for the peaceful rain to come

In her heart she knew when it did

it would change her forever

because the rain would help her see herself

first calmly

as it clung to window pane

for a split second

and then raced down

swiftly -

In her moment of renewal

the rain spread out to give water to the crimson flowers

that reached far

outside her horizon

into her field of dreams

In her sight

where instead of only white lilies

or crimson flowers

there were more flowers

deeply blue

burnt orange

soft pink

hues of purple

which now they existed together

to help her see

a bountiful gift

of a lovely variety

of brilliantly colorful

and softly beautiful

flowers everywhere

As she had now awoken

into a fresh

existential perspective

of perfectly mutual kindness

with the very breath she took

that she had missed so long

of that elusive

unconditional spirit

of compassionate love

and bright hope

that her gift would come back to her

instead of what she had worried lived only

in her dreams of rain and flowers


margaret September 14, 2009 at 6:54 PM  

Wow. I loved your use of colors. It was a sad and hopeful poem (@ least to me)

I feel clean - I just read it and I feel clean. Go figure :P

It feels like the moment after a rain storm. Clean and new. :)

Jason Gignac September 17, 2009 at 10:07 AM  

I really enjoyed your poem - I just read Prometheus Unbound, by PB Shelley, and it reminded of Act IV, where there is this description of the beautiful world after Zeus is destroyed and everything is free. I'm sorry there'll be no more inknotes, because I'll miss reading your things :)

Julie September 17, 2009 at 4:38 PM  

Margo - Thank you. I like the way you described my poem: sad, hopeful, clean, and new. Sounds beautiful! :)

Jason - Thanks for your beautiful literary description! Such a compliment! I'm sad that there will be no more inknotes too but I understand about that. I'll miss reading your things too. I'd like to post some more writing but I'm trying to decide about whether I should. Overall, inknotes was fun for me and I know I was late a bit but I tried to be consistent with it.

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