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Comedy Routine

I like to laugh as much as the next guy. So, when my friend, Anne, sent me this e-mail about the comedian Tim Hawkins, I sat around the computer with my kids watching You Tube and laughing tonight. We had fun together singing Subway, and talking about funny things in life. My personal favorite tonight was about the playground - I have my own playground stories from when I was growing up but I'll post that another time.
My kids mentioned to me that I had some pretty funny comedy routine's that I've written & performed for them. So, I was thinking it might be fun to write them up and post them here. Maybe you'll laugh and maybe you won't, but since this is a blog, I won't know that unless you tell me. Anyway, have fun with my funny, good, clean humorous stories anyway. (Jared you'll forgive me later, right? I make you laugh every day because you know I'm a piece of work, right?)
Here goes nothing:

Thousand Dollar Clothes Rack

So, the topic at our house lately has been about whether or not to join a gym. I really want to because I need to do something to get myself exercising and on my way to loosing a bit as well. It's funny that this has come up later because two years ago, I had another friend who had joined a gym and I wanted to then as well. So, I brought this idea up to my husband, Jared and that got him thinking and his mind reeled to an idea of a home gym. We had a lot of discussions about this and typically they went something like this:

"Oh, honey, I'd really like to exercise more and my friend is joining a gym. Maybe that's what I could do as well. What do you think?" (Julie)

"That sounds great! I think you should exercise more - I mean - we both should." (Jared)

"I know, so what do you think about the gym?"

"Well, I've got a lot of concerns about that. Have you thought it all through because I have a great idea of making a home gym. We can both exercise right here at home."

"Oh, but honey, I'm home all the time. I'd like to get away, out of the house, to exercise."

"What would you do with the kids while you exercised at the gym?"

"They've got it all set up for that - a little play room just for them. I don't know all the details of how it works but I'd drop off the kids and exercise, then I'd pick them up when I'm done."

"I think if you had a home gym then you can watch the kids while you exercise. Right here in the privacy and comfort of our own home. I really want a home gym."

"Okay, if you really think we won't use it as a clothes rack."

So, we went looking around for home gym equipment and tried out quite a few machines and with our tax return money we bought a stationary bike and eliptical-type machine. At first, it seemed great, even fun. As time wore on, the fun wore off and exercise is just plain hard work with little benefits unless you stick with it over long periods of time. I know home gyms can work for some people and they can be great but I think for me it's not working out. Perhaps, it's because at first we put the exercise machines in the garage. Well, we live in TX and it gets really hot in the garage. I mean, really hot.
Since we realized that wasn't working then we moved them to our master bedroom. Well, at first it worked a bit. Our kids have loved the machines and really used them. They like to do things like see how fast they can make it go and ride them backwards. Zayah and Gracie feel like it's their own personal monkey bars. Also, now its too convenient for Jared to use to put his freshly ironed shirts on and that's exactly what he does. So, one day I just couldn't resist and I teased him by saying, "So, honey, how's the home gym working for you? I mean, how do you like your thousand dollar clothes rack."

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