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Inspired by the grace and beauty of the flamingo, my life reflected by my love of reading, writing and creating.


The secret is in the line.” ~Charles Bukowski

rapid voices speak to me

not taking the time to introduce who they are

may it be my poetic voice

or of poet’s past

words from pages

or alone from conversation overheard

spilt out and reaching my language

as different each time

wishing to record them all

writing faster or longer isn’t enough

simply they have fallen

deep into thoughts - they are fighting

to own a unique voice

inclined to stain the paper

as ink splotches under artistic direction

Why find surprises?

amongst such yearning

lovingly please share unafraid

instead of battling fear

confidence of consequence

forever making me smile

missing words until filled in

bringing space to the void

adding brilliance to lines

enjoying how it feels

when words enter then exit

caressing dreams from fingertips

especially driven until discovering a stopping point

from what is being told

creativity creeps like being so special

 can be heard in music

like lyrics from Radiohead

or another musical artist

not to be favored unless one relates

because infinitely these words

are meant to be deliciously revisited

felt around inner souls

speaking what is delicately heard

within the midst of fog

a driving force in poetic language

written grasping words from the wind

spoken to who are listening

begging innocently

place me with value

to be seen, read and heard

repeated over again shaken

so carefully stirred

mixing introductory wisdom

in philosophical corners from pieces of truth

coming from all directions

pasted so reverently

as a poem happened. 


Written exclusively for the Week 81 prompt at dverse Poet’s Pub. Join in the fun & add your own to the list!

Tuesday Poetry


At first blush

Waiting for daybreak

Time before the alarm

Near morning

Can you see me as clearly

Rather waking up

Being swept away

Sort of a fog

From the other wee hours

Like being partially awake

In early bright

When the moment comes

Starting to realize

The sun is shining

Keeping its light on me

To warm the crawling cold

At the face of sunrise

Please pull me closer

Raising my temperature gently

So I can drift into afternoon

From morning.



Thanks for reading today and letting me share once more at dverse.  I realize it has been a while for me to share anything there, or almost anywhere, but I hope to keep sharing again.  I appreciate the shared poems from dverse poets because their words help me get through my 'moments.' Please be sure to check out these other great poets & read poetry every day!

As I wrote this poem today, I feel that is has a restless quality about it. I thought of how helping someone to heal was as important as remembering how comfort feels when it is needed. Photographs feel that way when I look at them sometimes....comforting. As always, I love to hear your thoughts.

Heartfelt Humanity

 Our life is but a sleep and a forgetting:
The Soul that rises with us, our life’s Star…”

~William Wordsworth 1770-1850 From #536: Ode

Heartfelt Humanity

Through our memories

we live in each other’s hearts

our bodies are cold at death

what’s inside us is beautiful

and helps us to live

we are enough to BE.


Do the best with what we know

and what we are given in this life

we are treasures-

more than we know.


Our souls heal



if separated

these simple impressions

may not be felt anymore.

We seek to speak-

heart to heart

a presence is left

within memory.


Being kind is always an option.

reaching out to others

to lift them from despair

is an amazing occasion.


Be sincere-

find light and share it on a whim

Just because-

no reason necessary

give because you did not

and you want to.


Life is a miracle

gently wake

pursue happiness

each day

fight for peace

that is worth

what kindness brings.


Live in the middle

of the song

be the harmony

finding beauty in the breathtaking


because you are breathing

you are what

you were meant to be-




Originally written: 05/11/12

Rewritten: 01/12/13

2012: In loving memory of:

-Forever embedded into my heart because of what you brought into this world and shared with me. RIP.

I’ve needed to write this for some time and I can’t seem to write anymore for this blog until I get this posted.  I know this poem is not perfect but please understand that it is written in earnest.

A Revival of Sorts and a #poem for Winter

Noticeably, I have taken quite an extensive siesta of sorts from blogging and I honestly hadn’t meant for it to be this long of a break.  In the meantime, I have continued to write poetry on Twitter and in my notebooks.  I have been attending school for design which takes a lot of my creative power to get through the academic writing and tasks that lay ahead for me there.  I have been volunteering at my daughter’s school as the Secretary in the PTSO which has been an enriching experience.  I have been working part time at a couple of locations and have continued a bit of freelance creative work on the side.  I am still a mother of growing children whom have lives and schedules of their own. A day doesn’t go by for me that I don’t create with words, pictures or art.  I enjoy being busy and I know in 2013 I will continue on with my adventures.  I plan to learn more about myself and apply that knowledge into my life which what I’d like to share on this blog. 

Basically, my blog has evolved into a poetry blog and I may mix it up once in a while. For the most part, I love poetry very much and I seem to return to it a lot in my writing.  All types of writing interest me and so I may experiment here from time to time.  I also like to personable and share my thoughts from either visuals or ideas I see around me.  I will also be including a few of my creative or art projects and designs as well.

If you are still following me then I appreciate that you hoped I would return.  I hope that you will continue to read and comment on my posts.  If not, I understand why you didn’t and I hope that you will might discover my return and feel free to follow me once more.  I may not be here often but I will do my best to have some consistency so that I would not deserve your interest.  I know I have many friendships to renew or establish as I look forward to blogging again.    

Now, for your reading pleasure I came across an idea that I had for a poem in 2006.  It was based upon a question that I answered for a writing group about my favorite season and why.  Loosely, it explains my amazement that I chose to write about winter because for the last 14 years I’ve been living here in South Texas.  So, I must admit I’ve grown accustomed to a warm and not very long winter in comparison to other places around the world where winter is long and cold.  Based upon my childhood memories of colder winters and my love of being able to keep warm from being cold, I present to you a winter poem.

 A Moment of Winter

At winter’s gate

Ice forms then blankets all.

Cold slips throughout
My fingertips

Multiplying until my whole body feels numb.

Before becoming too frozen

Warmth must be found

Easing the hardship
Of feeling cold from the beginning.

Some of the brightest memories

From my childhood
Express itself from winter’s creeping form.

Found in a cup of delightful warmth

Bundle me up in cozy comfort
As I sip encountering a satisfying taste

That releases the chill
Bringing me home.

Originally written: 10/26/2006
Rewritten: 01/01/2013

A Lesson in Conceptualization: Steve Jobs 1955-2011

"Efforts to conceptualize the history and structure of the universe were already running into trouble because . . . the universe was not as uniform as had been assumed" ~John Noble Wilford

This ability

of Steve Jobs

to conceptualize

yet more than that

to create from a point defined

in abstract

brought to life

in a practical solution




something to covet

technology in the palm of your hand

one for the books

another to entertain

three for the money

all in amazing connection

from stars to glory

trailing bytes

transforming dots

willingly giving a place

to the ever inventive


as a miracle

portrayed from efforts of many great minds

thinking alike

yet differently

being motivated by an unusual visionary

mindful of genius

teaching us all in the end

of dreams coming true

changing how we communicate




all within a lesson

formed from an "i"

to conceptualization.

Thank you, Steve Jobs.

We will remember.


*photo credit: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/technology/2011/10/06/steve-jobs-dead-pioneering-apple-founder-dies-aged-56-115875-23470343/

**note: I posted this at dVerse~ poets pub which is an amazing place to be captivated by other poets. Go ahead, read what they're sharing or join in!

Let's Talk Tech: Feed 101 (Guest Post)

I feel a connection/sparked by a glance/your eyes/I want to talk to you/know you/but we are strangers/i look different/same within we remain
#micropoetry by me, Julie.

Today, I'm happy to bring you a guest post from my online friend, Rainy. How you can find out more about her is at the bottom of this post. Please take a minute to visit her, say "hi" and thank her for her ideas.
After all, relax, read up and let's talk tech!

Feed 101

Feed is a service which allows a blog author to easily notify about blog updates. It is sometimes collectively called “RSS” or “Atom”, but that is mistaken. Those are actually different types of feed services. Regardless of what type of feed you use, the end result is the same.

People can subscribe to feed in numerous ways. They might use a service like Google Reader, which centralizes all their subscriptions online. Or they might use their smart phone, or even software which supports it, such as some e-mail clients.

Feed is also handy for syndicating. For example, the famous Technorati website utilizes blog feed to keep profiles updated. The popular Blogspot blog roll which shows the latest blog posts of links in its list also relies on feed. In fact, feed is working in the background more often than you might realize.

If you'd like to use feed to keep up on your favorite blogs, first decide what service you would like to use. Google Reader is a great place to start. Next, visit the blogs you wish to follow and look for their “Feed”, “RSS” or “Atom” option. The button usually has a “broadcasting” symbol. Copy that link into your reader and save it. Now you can visit the reader to see all the new blog posts for each blog you added, instead of visiting each website individually or flooding your inbox with newsletters.

If you'd like to add a feed option to your website, don't worry—it's easy! Most blog software has it built in. For example, at the bottom of a Blogspot blog, you will usually see a link that says “Subscribe to posts”. That's the feed. If you use Wordpress, the feed can usually be found by visiting www.yourdomain.com/feed/.

You can also use a free service like Feedburner. Just burn your feed once and follow the directions. You will not need to burn the feed with every update. Only once is necessary.

There is a few disadvantages with using feed. Most feed services do not have a counter of any kind, so there's no way of knowing exactly how many people are subscribed. Feedburner does count, but it's better to consider it to be approximate and not exact.

Also, just because you offer Feedburner doesn't mean everyone is using it. People who know how blog software works may opt to not use Feedburner and instead use the built-in one, which won't register anywhere. So, as with most things, it's probably better to rely on your hits counter than trying to track how many people are subscribed.

That aside, feed is an awesome service which makes life as both a blog author and blog reader much easier.

Do you use feed to follow blogs? What service do you use?

***When Rainy Kaye isn't plotting world domination, she enjoys coaching others about it on her blog http://www.rainyofthedark.com.
She also likes fluffy kittens.

**Credit: Thanks to Find a Kitten for this image.

Poem: Within Pain

Thinking back
when you feel pain
it hurts
highly affected
hard to believe
how it hurts so much
Answers may not be visible
meds may not be correct
turn your world around
keep finding a way past the pain
Don't give up
Look and see
someone is reaching out
to wish you comfort
as you have waited
find a dream
feel solace
know that friends care
find within hearts
that may ease some
Remain hopeful.

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